Heavy metal wedding shoot

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So with a background in fashion styling and a burning desire to show my amazing couples some heavy metal wedding goals I created the shoot you see below. The words are written by Clear-Hearts and edited by Rosie Butler @rosie_illustrates This shoot comes from a desire to represent women in wedding media as bold yet […]

Hen do

Halloween Hen/Sten Do

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I don’t know about you but my favourite time of the year is Halloween! I love dressing up with my besties, creating cool costumes, searching Pinterest for spooky themed food and drink. It doesn’t hurt that all the shops launch collections of themed items we use in our house all year round! With all that […]

Body Confidence

Body confidence and weddings

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Let’s talk about body confidence When I was getting married my husband and I both felt enormous pressure to look perfect. There came a time our anxiety was so bad (and we were so hungry) we ended up arguing a lot about what to eat and how and when. That was when I decided it […]