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A very loud introduction to fairs

When I was planning my own wedding last year I didn’t manage to make it to any wedding fairs! Boooo. I really wanted to, I think it was because I planned it in such a short time frame that I missed the chance.

Since starting Clear-Hearts we have had a great response from the alternative community about what we’re doing here. Kick ass alternative events that leave no man (or woman) feeling judged or not represented. I’ve been jonesing to get our face and name out there and meet all you lovely people!

When Mitch (BelowBeyond) put on Facebook he was doing a vinyl fair I thought maybe this isn’t the most conventional place to have a stand as an event/wedding planner and stylist but then Clear-Hearts certainly isn’t conventional! He took a chance on us as we are not his usual stall holder either and I’m so glad he did.

The fair was in the Amersham Arms in New Cross to. It’s an easy space (helped by Mitch’s chill nature). A lot of people seemed to know eachother and if they didn’t they were introducing themselves in that casual “we all like the same noisy music” way.

My brother in law was first in line for a guerrilla tattoo from the amazing (go follow him) Tim @Prisonstyletattoo

I set up and got a few piccies of my atmospheric (dark) corner of the room and felt ready to join in meeting and greeting. I had my first customer for the satanic glitter bar of the day and from then on the day passed in a blur of introductions and bands.

I wasn’t meant to spend any money but HAD to grab a print from Vera (Vera Tattoos) and a badge from Megan (goodspeedstitchmeg).

I got to meet some amazing people who do everything from production to illustration and some cool potential clients. Check out my piccies below.

I learned from this that even if you’re the first person/ stall holder of your type at an event take the plunge because you never know where you might find your ideal client. Also if there’s great music and booze, so much the better.

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