Hen do

Halloween Hen/Sten Do

I don’t know about you but my favourite time of the year is Halloween! I love dressing up with my besties, creating cool costumes, searching Pinterest for spooky themed food and drink. It doesn’t hurt that all the shops launch collections of themed items we use in our house all year round!

With all that in mind I’ve come up with the most amazing halloween hen, or hag if you’re having a joint party with your partner, do for all your corpse brides to be (get in touch on the contact page for more prices and availability).

Arrive at your Airbnb in Camden Town, London where a halloween themed feast is waiting for you.

Sleeps 14 guests

Wrap your screaming gear around candy apples and sweet galore.

Whilst you unpack and show each other the awesome costumes you have ready for the nights festivities. It’s 8pm and the doorbell rings! Don’t be afraid it’s just your professional makeup artist at the door to get you club ready.

You might have chosen to go as a gang of ghouls or all chosen different costumes, whilst one of you is being made over the rest of you can pass the time with themed games and shots! Zombie penis piñata? Cluck cluck.

So you’re all dressed up and wondering where it is you’re off to? Have you ever been to a halloween party where everyone is dressed up? Where you’ll see more gore than cute? This place has got a bouncy castle, ball pit, cinema playing horror films, halloween giveaways, foosball, performers and cages to dance in. All this and 3 floors of rock, metal, emo, punk, live bands and open until 6am in the morning!

A quick tube ride (trust me you’ll want to take the tube just for the fun of seeing your fellow travellers reactions) and you’re at the venue.

Look out for those professional photographers and find yourselves on Facebook the next week.

Wake up the next morning and you can stroll around the famous Camden Market, eat at Kerb and nurse your hangover with a hair of the dog at The Black Heart.

If this sounds like you all over and you want a Hen/Sten party that is the envy of every metaller you know (alive or undead) then get in touch on the contact page or info@clear-hearts.com


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